Forked River Generator Installation

During the days immediately after superstorm Sandy pounded New Jersey, gasoline was like liquid gold. Many smart home and business owners had purchased emergency electrical generators for just such an event, but very few had ever imagined that the gasoline required to run them would become scarce. The increased demand for gasoline to fuel the generators, delayed gas deliveries, damaged infrastructure and prolonged electrical outages all contributed to many people across the state being without power, some despite having a backup electrical generator.

Then there were the few home and business owners that had installed Natural Gas Powered Electrical Generators. Most areas of NJ did not experience a loss of natural gas service during Hurricane Sandy. Natural gas generators use the same natural gas fuel that heats your home, hot water and oven. A Natural Gas Electric Generator is usually installed in a permanent outdoor location. The reason for a permanent installation is the gas line connection. Gas pipes and gas line connections must be done by a NJ certified gas pipe technician.

Joe Clancy, owner of CRYSTAL Heat & Air is fully gas pipeline certified. Joe and his Crystal Heat & Air team can install your backup generator and bring you and your family the peace of mind that being prepared can bring.

Whole house natural gas generators keep you warm in the winter & cool in the summer when the power goes out! Natural gas backup electrical power generators are available in just about any size to fit your home or business needs. Ocean County NJ residents received a wake up call on October 29, 2012 with the arrival of Super Storm Sandy.  Like NC, FL and LA, we now know what a hurricane or severe storm can mean to our way of life.  Emergency power generators can mean the difference between weeks without power or just minutes for the natural gas generator to kick in.

Below are a few great reasons for having an Ocean County Natural Gas Generator Installed.

     *  You Do Not Need to Store Highly Combustible Gasoline

     *  Low Maintenance

     *  Automatic Start Up and Shutdown

     *  Connects Directly to your Natural Gas Line

     *  Unobtrusive Compact Profile

     *  Clean Burning Fuel

     *  Low Noise Level

More than half of the homes in the U.S. have natural gas available through safe underground utilities. Natural gas generators are the perfect safety net for your family. Never be in the dark and cold again! A natural gas generator will flip on when JCP&L’s electricity shuts off. Call CRYSTAL Heat & Air today for a free consultation. Joe can help you select just the right size natural gas generator for your home or business. 

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