Forked River Heating Contractor

Ocean County homeowners deserve to have comfortably heated houses, apartments and condominiums during the frigid days of winter in New Jersey.  Crystal Heat & Air offers a full service repair and replacement for all major brands of boilers and home heating furnaces.  


If you are looking to upgrade your heating system to a much greener, high efficiency unit or just need your furnace thermal coupler replaced to keep the pilot light on, we are equipped to handle any heating problem.  It is important that you can trust your heating contractor to service your hot air or hot water baseboard system safely, efficiently and timely when a need arises.  Crystal Heat & Air is the reliable and trustworthy heating contractor choice for Ocean County homeowners. Emergency furnace repairs, emergency heating system repairs for home and business owners.

Searching for Heating Services in the Ocean County area this season?  Make sure you choose the HVAC Service Company that will provide you with high quality Heating Services you can rely on today and for years to come.

Crystal Heat & Air has been providing excellent heater repairs and other HVAC services since 1991!  Located in Forked River NJ, we provide heating services to Bayville, Beachwood, Barnegat, Tom River and all other areas of Ocean County.  Service is just a phone call away, 732-300-4907 to speak with company owner, Joe Clancy for whatever heating problem or situation you may encounter.

Crystal Heat & Air can provide professional repair or replacement of your gas furnace, oil furnace or propane furnace.  Joe and his crew have extensive experience with all type of home heating systems such as forced hot air and hot water baseboard or radiator heating.

Natural Gas Heating Forked River 

Natural gas heating is more cost efficient than propane gas or oil at this point in time.  The U.S. has abundant amounts of domestically produced natural gas and current prices reflect this.  Home heating appliances using natural gas include home furnaces and boilers as a centralized system, space or wall-mounted heaters and fireplaces.  Natural gas is a safe and very clean burning home heating fuel and usually preferred when available.  When you have natural gas for heating your home, you can reap the savings by using it to heat hot water, cooking range, clothes dryer and even an outdoor barbeque.

Propane Gas Heating Forked River

Propane gas heating is very popular for cooking and fireplaces, but it's also a common fuel for heating residential homes.  It usually is more expensive to heat with propane than natural gas depending on market conditions.  In rural areas propane gas may be the only heating fuel available.  Propane gas heating systems require professional installation and servicing.

Oil Heating Forked River

Oil heat has historically been the most common fuel for heating residential and commercial buildings.  But with oil prices being supply and demand driven, this type of heating may be more expensive at times due to market conditions.  Oil heating furnaces and boilers come in many sizes, makes and models.  Installation of oil burning appliances should be completed by a professional heating technician.

Not sure what your home heating requirements really are?

Would you like to upgrade your heating system to a greener, healthier system that consumes fewer resources and saves you money in the long run?  Whether your home heating system needs regular maintenance, a minor repair or a complete replacement Crystal Heat & Air will work closely with you through the equipment selection, installation and long term maintenance service.